Must-Have Tablet Accessories for The Perfect WFH Setup

The covid wave back in 2020 juggled up our lives. Lockdown was announced and so all offices across the globe got in online mode and this way, a new normal was born- Work from Home. Work From Home culture is a culture where only the workplace changes and the same work is carried away at […]

How to Speed Up Your Android Tablet?

The speed of your device is one of the most important things. To ensure your device is working properly, you must manage the speed with different apps and proper maintenance. Over time, android tablets can slow down and become less responsive. If you want to speed up your device, it is necessary to find out […]

Best Password Managers for Android Users

Android Tablet

Once you get hold of the tablet, then your main focus is to have the best apps installed on your tablet. However, you overlook one essential aspect, and that is the security of your tablet, which is equally as crucial. Well, this is why you need to have the best password manager for your Android […]

How to Use Non-Google Apps from Android Tablet?

Android Tablet

People have a misconception that they can’t use Android without Google. There are numerous reasons to use an android slate without Google. For instance, you can increase your privacy by using non-Google apps. Set up Your Device to Use non-Google Apps From your tablet or smartphone, go to “Settings” and scroll down for the “Security” […]

Your Guide to Choosing a Case for Android Tablet?

Buying a tablet seems an easy task, just like buying your favorite Zinger burger from McDonalds or KFC. But actually it’s not as simple as it looks. You have to consider various factors even before finalizing the brand and the model for the tablet you are going to buy. And after buying a tablet, you […]