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Must-Have Tablet Accessories for The Perfect WFH Setup

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The covid wave back in 2020 juggled up our lives. Lockdown was announced and so all offices across the globe got in online mode and this way, a new normal was born- Work from Home.

Work From Home culture is a culture where only the workplace changes and the same work is carried away at our home. Our workplace has all the accessories required to get the work done but having a tablet is not enough if we don’t want to hamper productivity.

Though tablets are the new-age tech product that had brought the revolution in tech and almost in every industry. They are now not just used for playing games but also have become a helping hand at almost every workplace. The function of tablets somewhat matches laptops but they are handier and so have become quite popular among all. 

But that’s not it.

Adding up all the accessories with tablets will not only make help you boost your work from home productivity but will also ease out our work.

We have shortlisted out few tablet accessories that might help you set up the best work from the home office that might let you forget what the workplace felt like. 

Tablets Pencil (Stylus)

You might be thinking that tablets are touch screen gadgets, why the pencil is needed? Some applications officially which are handwritten notes need a pencil/ stylus. It helps you navigate on a tablet and get your work done without touching the surface again and again because tablets are fragile in nature and hard tapping on a screen can damage the screen externally. 

So, it’s better you include a stylus with your tablets, keeping it safer.

USB Type C Hubs

Most tablets come with a single port that does both charging and file transfers as well. To transfer out the files easily you can always rely on USB Type C hubs that will help you to add more ports just like USB Type-A port to plug-in pen drives, HDMI ports, card readers, and many more.

Bluetooth Keyboard

A must-have accessory that multiplies the productivity of tablets. What an amazing deal it would be to get the laptop feels on a tablet. These Bluetooth keyboards can be connected to almost every Android tablet as well as iPads. if you are the one who handles most of the typing work but like working on tablets more, then without any further delay gift yourself a Bluetooth keyboard.

Tablet Hard Drives

Tablets cum mini-computers come with flash memory, making it harder to store more. If you have a tablet and you can’t bet on losing the data due to lack of storage, then get yourself a tablet hard drive. This gives your tablet an extra boost to store extra.

Tablet stand

No more tablets on Lap. Getting a tablet stand will enable you to work more efficiently and work in a more comfortable position. If not a stand, you can also invest in tablet tripods too.

Working on tablets is itself a new experience where you can witness an office in your hand. Getting a tablet and performing all of your office tasks on it will let you know that size doesn’t matter, it’s just the technology that makes you work faster and tablets can accommodate that too.
If you are also an institution or corporate willing to purchase all the tablet accessories wholesale in the UK to cater to the needs of your employees at one place that too with great price and offer, do count on us.

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