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How to Use Non-Google Apps from Android Tablet?

People have a misconception that they can’t use Android without Google. There are numerous reasons to use an android slate without Google. For instance, you can increase your privacy by using non-Google apps.

Set up Your Device to Use non-Google Apps

From your tablet or smartphone, go to “Settings” and scroll down for the “Security” option and choose “Unknown” sources. Selecting this option may permit you to install non-Google apps.

Based on your device, you may activate warnings for harmful apps. It will help you to save your device from malicious software. These settings can be different if you have an advanced or old version of Android tablet.

Android Tablet

Download Non-Google Apps

To download non-Google apps, you have to find APK (Android Package File). Make sure to download APK files from trusted companies and developers. Remember, an unauthentic source can download malicious files in your device.

For your protection, make sure to get apps from trusted developers. After downloading APK files, it will be easy for you to install non-Google apps in your Android devices.