Tricks and Treats to Boost your Personal Cybersecurity

Well, it is also essential to have insight into tips and trips about cybersecurity so that you can keep your New tablet data safe. Things to consider to ensure cybersecurity Keep your passwords updated The essential aspect is that you should not make use of the same password across multiple websites. The best approach is […]

Apple Airpod Deals

Apple Airpod deals

Whenever you plan to buy the Airpods, the price is generally what stops you from purchasing these wireless headphones. Once you know the price, then you are in a better position to make your choice. The good news is that nowadays it’s possible to find great deals on Airpods. Let’s take a look: Exploring the […]

How to Manually Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13 And iPad OS13

iOS13 and Android Tablet

For extreme users, dark mode is not less than a blessing. Most of the desktop apps and even a social media platform like Twitter offer dark mode. Keeping in view the demand, now iPhone users can also enjoy the dark mode. Now if you have already upgraded your iOS to 13 versions, you can enable […]

Looking for Affordable Smartphones?

Affordable Smartphones

When the budget is low, but you still want to purchase a trendy device, you need to search for some discounted phones.. So the best idea is to wait for Black Friday because it’s not far now. Motorola One Action Wait for the Black Friday Sale where you can find amazing deals on new devices. […]

List of Best Cheap Android Tablets from Samsung

best cheap Android tablet

The Samsung Galaxy line is famous for its unique features and affordable rates. If you want to understand what is the best cheap Android tablet, here are some great options. Check out our list of best cheap android tablets from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tab This is a high-end tablet built to increase your productivity. With 835 […]

Android User Guide – How to protect your photos from theft

protect photos on your devices

Do you want to protect photos on your devices? You can do it with special features of android. It is easy to hide your files and photos easily. These devices offer built-in features for privacy. In your Samsung phone, you can use a secure mode to keep videos and photos private. Go to “Settings – […]

How to Set Sleep or Wakeup Timer in Windows PC?

Wakeup Timer on your tablet

You can set the power options of your PC in sleep mode. It will stay in this mode until you wake this device. Wake up your PC from sleep mode automatically. It can be useful to save the resources of your PC. Here are some simple tips for setting sleep or wakeup timer in Windows […]

Facing Low Storage in your PC? Do These Things with This

laptops and tablets

Do you have storage issues? These things are common nowadays. You can solve these issues with these tricks: Empty Recycle Bin If you run out of space, you have to empty your recycle bin. It will help you to get more space on your disk drive. Open a recycle bin and directly remove its content by […]

How to Use Non-Google Apps from Android Tablet?

Android Tablet

People have a misconception that they can’t use Android without Google. There are numerous reasons to use an android slate without Google. For instance, you can increase your privacy by using non-Google apps. Set up Your Device to Use non-Google Apps From your tablet or smartphone, go to “Settings” and scroll down for the “Security” […]

5 Tablet Hardware you can change yourself

top 10 tablets

Your tablet will allow you to change its hardware yourself. With the use of this guide, it will be easy for you to take the best decision. 1. Broken Digitizer and Screen It is simple and cheap to fix a broken screen. You have to disassemble your device to change screen. For digitizer and glass, you […]