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Facing Low Storage in your PC? Do These Things with This

Do you have storage issuesThese things are common nowadays. You can solve these issues with these tricks:

Empty Recycle Bin

If you run out of space, you have to empty your recycle bin. It will help you to get more space on your disk drive. Open a recycle bin and directly remove its content by clicking the “empty recycle bin” tab.

laptops and tablets

Use Storage Sense to Free Space

You can use storage sense to delete junk files from windows 10. It is an easy way to remove files from your system. With the help of this feature, you can remove previous installation files after an upgrade. In this way, you can free up spaceTo use storage sense, you have to open “settings – system – storage”. In storage selection, you have to tap on storage sense to configure or run it now.

You will find “Delete all temporary files useless for apps” under temporary files. Check this option and use a drop-down menu’s recycle bin to specify a method to delete files.

By selecting a drop-down menu of downloads, you can specify to clean up files downloaded from the internet. Feel free to set up the frequency to delete files automatically and free up space. It will help you remove the previous version of windows.

After deleting old updates, it will be easy for you to free up maximum space on your disk. Enable storage sense from settings to run this clean up automatically. You can set it up for every day, week, and a month or during low disk space. Make sure to remove temporary files and cache from your computer and tablets.