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Why people are still using a Desktop over Laptops

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In the 21st century, when everyone is going portable and choosing the smartest technology, many people are still using desktops and believe in buying computers wholesale. The benefit is not only about the expense, but there is something more. Some of the core benefits of the desktop are as follows.

Better performance:

Laptops might have similar parts as a desktop, but the counterparts are specifically designed. The desktop has full-size version making it more powerful.

Less expensive:

Desktop computers are more powerful in terms of performance as well as material, but portability makes a laptop much more expensive. Also when you buy computers wholesale  it makes them more economical

Upgrade easily:

There are some parts which can be upgraded in laptops like RAM. But in desktop, there are many parts like RAM, Graphic Card, SSD and more, and can be upgraded much more easily.

 Increase gadgets:

Buy computers wholesale and save money. You can buy gadgets like inexpensive laptops or mobile to use when needed with the saved money.

Slim computers:

Desktops tend to look bulky, but you can buy a slim desktop with a built-in screen.


There are many benefits of portable PCs, but the desktop is better to get high performance and quick work done.

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