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Why choose refurbished computers for School?

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The Wholesale Computers believe that everyone should have the tools and technology they need to thrive. Hence, they offer you a wide range of hardware devices of all sorts of trusted brands at the best possible prices. No matter what you’re looking for, the distributor will cater your needs by delivering Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Monitors, Printers and Accessories. For many years, they have been bulk discount pricing for education, including primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, colleges, higher education and further education.

Buying a refurbished laptop is not only economical but also an eco-friendly option. They can also assist with obtaining bulk orders for specific laptops, Notebook, or Desktop Computers, and the sourcing of computer components, including hard drives, solid-state drives, and memory drives. Whenever you need hardware devices, you can contact their friendly team to get more deals for schools and education.

Reason to choose refurbished computers

There are various reasons to choose refurbished laptops for school, such as –

  • They are an excellent choice for those with budget constraints, including education establishments. 
  • Their refurbished devices go through various testing pressure to ensure that you get quality product in a good condition. 
  • The testing process ensures that their hardware devices are fully functioning and free from malware. 

Key reasons are:-

  • 90-day warranty
  • 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years
  • Anti-virus software installed as standard
  • Operating system and web browser installed as standard

Many used computers and laptops have battery problems, but not their certified refurbished laptops. They put the quality parts and batteries through their paces to make sure that you aren’t confined to a power outlet.

Laptop, computer and mac for primary schools

When selecting the laptop for primary school, parent’s controls and durability are of primary concern. With the latest Windows or iOS operating system installed as standard, you’ll have complete control over what kids can and can’t access on the laptop. The certification laptops are the cost-effective way brings technology into the classroom. So, break the traditional boundaries of your classroom, simply adopt advanced technologies to transform the way you teach to the children. From teaching basic IT skills to exploring coding and design, the refurbished laptop can handle it.

Best laptops for education

When it comes to choosing laptops for education, there are various factors you need to take care, such as-

  • What will the laptops are used for?
  • Will the students travel with the laptop?
  • How often will they be used?

These are the basic things you need to consider while purchasing a computer. From basic IT tasks such as browsing the internet and preparing work documents, refurbished computers are the perfect one for you. Refurbished computers are durable and reliable, ideal when you have to think about them getting dropped or bumped. Apart from that, whether you’re a designer, coder, developer or teacher, they offer you great creative freedom. With 4GB of memory, they will breeze through computing tasks and make multitasking simple and easy. You can also carry them while traveling as they also come with light weighted and slim. 

Why choose Wholesale Computer 

The company pride themselves on offering outstanding service for an outstanding value. They never compromise with the quality that means you can be sure you’re getting genuine software and products. Along with the quality products with cost-effective prices, they also offer you 90 days warranty, which can be extended as per your need. They also want you to feel confident in your choice. Choosing a refurbished laptop is not the same as buying a used laptop. A refurbished laptop has been taken back to factory defaults and checked for any problems. You’ll get completely ready to be taken apart.

Process to buy Computer in wholesales 

They know how complicated it can be to buy electronic devices for your whole team. That’s why we created a very easy 3 step process. 

  • CHOOSE_ During your free consultation, their experts will guide you in making the smartest choices that fit your needs, budget and timeline.
  • ORDER_ Your dedicated account manager will prepare a proposal summarizing your order and help you check out seamlessly
  • ACCOMPLISH_ Your order will be shipped on time. We can help deploy and configure your devices to help you get up and running swiftly.

To buy old hardware, here is a simple process to follow:-

1. Tell Us What You Have_ shown them what model of hardware you have in less than 1 min. They buy back computers, tablets, printers, monitors and accessories.

2. Get the Highest Offer_ they’ll offer you an offer in less than 24 hours, which includes cash value or higher credit value towards your purchase.

3. Ship and Get Paid_The Company will coordinate shipping with you and you will receive payment as soon as we receive and inspect your devices.

The company specializes in finding the best prices in the market for a variety of laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets, printers, and accessories you could ever want in bulk, at wholesale pricing. Their products are available either refurbished, used, or in an open box. 

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