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Why a desktop is better than laptops for your business

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The way we communicate with computers is constantly evolving. If you’re a small business owner, you must go with the flow of deciding whether your employees use a desktop or laptop at the workplace. While laptops remain a popular computer system, which is being used in companies, the reality is the computer offers various advantages over laptops for professional applications. No matter what business you run, a computer desktop provides you with the power, durability, and flexibility for your daily work operation—not convinced? Read this blog to know why desktops are superior alternative computer systems over a laptop for your business. 

#1. Power

If we’re talking about the physical appearance, the desktop is more powerful than a laptop. It is mainly due to the size of the computer, power consumption, heat output, etc. Additionally, the computer works faster and has better storage space than a computer. According to industry research, desktop computers are equipped with unique features, impressive processors, and a better overall speed. Laptops are not as powerful as a desktop. While laptop offers portability, only desktop offers the adequate computer power required for the more substantial task, like running complex healthcare application, managing enterprise data storage solution, and more.

#2. Size

Desktops have full-size parts that work better than smaller components designed for laptops. Your laptop may be designed with a great mobile processor, but it won’t compare favorably to its desktop counterpart. In most cases, bigger is better. Even a slight increase in size lends itself to better functionality, so ensuring your desktop will make the laptop outperform. Full-size parts provide a fast and smooth experience that puts computers many everal steps ahead of laptops and perhaps even ahead of your competition.

#3. Durability

Since computer desktops are more prominent and easier to cool, thermal damage to their components is much less than to laptops. Superior temperature control means computer parts are last longer. In addition, solid-state drives (SSDs) fight the effects of impacts by lasting longer than traditional spinning platter hard drives. Fewer moving parts mean significantly less risk of mechanical failure. For this reason, the desktop is superior to the laptop, offering components to withstand the test of time. Your hardware investment will be less upfront than your bottom line.

#4. Portability 

Even though the case for mobile computing may be compelling, a laptop’s portability is detrimental to its performance. Not because laptops are more vulnerable to theft but because the extra physical wear alone is enough to reduce the value of the computer. In addition to broken screens, they are more susceptible to damage and failure when laptops are carried and bumped around.

#5. Upgrades & Repairs

Laptops usually need to be replaced more often than desktops, especially if you want to upgrade. And the cost of replacement units comes directly from your company’s bottom line. Because desktops are so easy to upgrade, full-size machines once again provide a better option. You can upgrade unique parts in the desktop, whereas you’ll have to buy a new laptop for similar performance, as most laptops limit their upgrade options to memory and storage only. If you’re a business owner looking for multiple computers for your employees, you can consider desktop. It has the ability to upgrade to increase its life. Moreover, it is far more cost-effective IT solution compared to laptops. This will also help to make your team more productive.


Overall, a desktop computer is a more cost-effective computing system than a laptop. While retailers often sell laptops at higher prices, desktops offer more power, durability, and flexibility at competitive prices. If we’re talking about time spam, the desktop computer has longevity. They provide the opportunity to upgrade, repair, and maintenance far more quickly than a laptop.

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