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What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Next Laptop

Buying a laptop or notebook can be a tricky thing if your purpose of buying is technical. You have to consider various factors before buying a laptop or notebook for professional use. Things are simpler if you are buying for simply entertainment and online browsing purpose. You can keep these tips in mind while you are going to buy your next laptop or notebook.

Screen Size

The very first thing you need to consider is screen size. The screen size of your laptop depends upon the daily average usage time and the mobility factor. If you are looking for a laptop that you can use to carry with you while meeting with clients then definitely you should go for smaller screen size, i.e. 13, 12, 11.6 or even 11-inch screen size. But if the mobility is not a big factor then you should choose at least 14-inch screen size while buying your next laptop.

laptop or notebook


Battery Backup

Battery backup is rarely good. So, if the budget is not a problem, you must choose a laptop or notebook with good battery backup. If you spend most of your time out of the office with your laptop, you must choose a notebook rather than laptop because notebook always has longer battery life than laptops.


RAM is something you can’t ignore while buying your new laptop. Less than 4GB will tease you because you won’t be able to enjoy HD movies, lag-free browsing and gaming as well.

CPU Speed

Now at last, though most people see this at first, CPU speed needs to be considered. CPU speed requirement depends upon the nature of your usage. For browsing and movies, Dual Core will be enough, but if you want some heavy use then you should buy the latest Quad-Core processors.