Simple BlueTooth Hacks for Android Devices

Bluetooth hacks allow you to increase the efficiency of your android devices. Here are some Bluetooth hacking apps for your Android:

Bluetooth Vulnerability Finder

With this app, you can check the security of IoT (Internet of Things). Remember, a device or a new connection with your phone may present some security risks.

This app is designed to interrogate these connections and check the vulnerabilities. To measure the level of risk, the app uses yellow, green or red color. It will be easy for you to evaluate the vulnerability of Bluetooth.

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File Transfer Bluetooth

The app needs acceptance from Bluetooth devices. After accepting a connection, you can browse stored files. Copy, delete, cut, share or move any folder or data on the memory of the device or SD card. This app is compatible with tablets and phones.

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner

With the use of BlueBorne, a hacker can create middle man attacks or control your devices. You can use this app to save your device from these attacks. For the safety of your android device, you will need this scanner. You can protect your android phone from BlueBorne attacks with this device.

btCrawler: Bluetooth Scanner

btCrawler is a hacking app for android that can scan the surrounding device with active Bluetooth. It uses a specific range based on the strength of the signal to query SDP services from connected devices. With this powerful app, it is possible to hack Android devices. You can’t get this app free because it is available in $4.10.