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Is Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Not Working? We’ll Help You Fix It

Bluetooth on your iPhones
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If your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth is not working properly then instead of fussing about it and looking for the best deal tablet today for getting android tablets, you must look for the solutions of the problem, and you must know that every problem has a solution, especially if you keep visiting us for your every problem related to the tech world. Now we can help you with the best deal tablet today too but we will tell you about it after we have discussed the main problem that is in question today.

Well generally iPhone is not at all famous for its Bluetooth, and this is because of the only reason that it cannot connect with other mobile phones. If you never knew that, then you must know that the iPhone is not compatible to connect with any android device in specific with its Bluetooth. But if it is not even connected to the other iPhones, iPad, and iPod devices, then it is important that you look for the best possible solutions!

If you cannot connect your phone with IOS devices or car sound system!

If you cannot fix the problem of connecting your device with the iPhones and other stereo systems, then you must try these steps to fix this problem!

  1. See on your iPhone or the IOS device that is having the problem, go to the settings of your device, and in the settings bar, you will see the option of Bluetooth on the top bars along with Wi-Fi and mobile data! Open the Bluetooth device and try turning on the Bluetooth. If the device does not turn son or it keeps on buffering, then you must turn off your mobile and restart it.
  2. After restarting your device, we will suggest you turn your Bluetooth on again and try to pair the device again.
  3. You must make sure that the devices that you want to connect are close enough to each other or are in the distance in which they are visible to each other. Usually, you must try and keep them within ten to fifteen meters of range!
  4. You can also try to turn your Bluetooth on and off multiple times, and this can also help you in connecting to the device or at least making it visible in detection.
  5. You must make sure that the device that you are trying to connect is charged well and the batteries of it are in working condition.
  6. If neither of the above steps works, then we suggest that you connect with apple support. Tell them about your problem and let them suggest a solution or send the device to them.
  7. An important point you should keep in mind that you must try and test the device’s connectivity on different devices. Check out whether your phone can only connect with iOS devices or are all the Bluetooth compatible devices are not working with your iPhone!

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