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How to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures?

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In your device there is a way to check the CD-ROM and DVD for failures. If your DVD or CD is causing an issue, it can be an issue with a disc instead of a drive.

A bad drive may cause different issues to your New computer. Here are some problems to encounter:

  • Error while reading a DVD or CD
  • DVDs or CDs may not play video or audio properly
  • DVD or CD programs are not installed or encountering errors after installation
  • You can test the disc drive through different methods. See these recommendations.

Hardware and Software Solutions

DVD and CD drives may get dirty and dusty inside. For this reason, they are unable to read discs. You may use a DVD/CD drive cleaner kit to clean a disc drive. Feel free to use CDRoller or CDCheck to recover data from damaged disks. These products may help you to recover deleted or corrupt data. Make sure to check power supply because it must provide sufficient power to disc drive.

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