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How to Move Data From Desktop to Laptop?

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After buying a new computeryou can transfer data from desktop to laptop. There are different methods to transfer files from one device to another. See these available options.

Easy Method to Transfer Files

You can transfer files from desktop or laptop with a memory stick. A removable hard drive or a USB flash drive can be the best medium to transfer data. These methods are suitable to save time. Feel free to share movies, files, folders and other essential things to transfer files.

New Computer

Data Transfer Software

A third-party app, such as EaseUS can help you to transfer folders, programs and files. It is an excellent way to save time and money. You have to follow these steps to use this method.

  • Install EaseUS and open this program on PC and laptop. Choose “PC – PC” to transfer files and applications. Pick a user account for this transfer.
  • Follow on-screen guidelines to establish a secure connection between your old computer and laptop. It will help you to transfer files directly.
  • It is time to pick files, tap “Edit” to select your data for a safe transfer. You have to choose the target files from your computer. Feel free to customize your storage path.
  • Now hit “Finish” and “Transfer” to start transferring files from your PC – laptop quickly.

Easy Transfer of Windows

With the Easy Transfer option of Windows, you can transfer your files. Use a USB cable to connect two computers. Type “Easy Transfer” in “Run” pane. Choose “Easy Transfer” from search results and hit “Next – A Network – This is my old PC”.

Note its key and let this feature work. Repeat these steps in other PC and select “This is my new computer”. The windows will establish a connection and give prompts. Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your files.

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