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Highest Selling Android Tablet 9 Inch 16GB Models

Android Tablet 9 inch 16 GB
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If you don’t like 12” tablets, you can do just fine with a smaller one. We are going to name the five best Android Tablet 9 inch 16 GB tablets you can buy in the market. Consider this list if your out in the market looking for one yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

It’s a simple tablet that makes a great bargain thanks to its price. It has several app perks, which are hard to find at this price point. If you are worried about the small memory capacity, don’t worry you can upgrade it to 128GB thanks to MicroSD Slot.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The 2018 version has a few upgrades, but it’s nothing impressive. The screen is bright, crisp speakers are clear and loud, and you have expandable memory. It’s a nice addition to Android Tablet 9 inch 16 GB tablet lineup.  For under $100, it has the best value.Android Tablet 9 inch 16 GB

Asus Memo Pad ME581CL

The name may sound like a job, but this tablet means business. It’s the best looking out of the lot, and it packs some impressive specs. The sleek tablet rocks an Intel Atom processor with 2GB RAM, Android 4.4, 8-inch sleek display, and 16-32GB RAM. It supports LTE and NFC.

Lenovo IdeaTab A2109

It’s a fast tablet with a lousy screen. IdeaTab has incredible sound, camera, and speed. It packs Nvidia Tegra 3 Processor with 1 GB RAM, 16GB internal storage. It has GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi capabilities. The screen has 1280×800 screen resolution, but the viewing angle is very narrow and ruins the user experience. Still it’s a bargain for the current price.

Lenovo A8

The app tray is gone along with several other features. It seems Lenovo let go of its high-end component, sleek looks, and almost everything that made previous tablets a hit to save money. Still, the A8 is a good android tablet 9 Inch 16 GB given the price point.

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