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Hackers On the Move: Is My 7-inch android tablet Vulnerable?

7-inch android tablets
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There are a lot of problems being caused because of android’s vulnerability. So much so that it is now trending that people are aware that no matter if they have their phones rooted, their Android phones can be hacked. That is why 7-inch android tablets are for sale so that before the market collapses at least, the vendors can sell them all.

Express Tribune says:

  • Android devices are vulnerable to attacks; this is an alarming situation because even a text can hack these devices, and so it is creating havoc for many android users.

Wired magazine says:

  • The wired magazine says that the vulnerability of the Android devices is a byproduct of their business strategy.

After the effects of their reputation being destroyed:

It is because of these statements that there are android devices such as 7-inch android tablets on sale. Even while these statements might hurt the image of the company, at least they can make some money from it.

  • Since many children are now into games and technology, they like it that they can buy 7-inch android tablet on sale with their own pocket money now.

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