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3 Solid Reasons to Buy a 7 Inch Tablet Instead of Smartphone

7 inch tablet android 6
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Are you out in the market to buy a 7 inch tablet android 6?

In case you are then we have got some great tips for you. We are mentioning a few reasons why tablets are better than smartphones. Take your time to read these through.

These are More Productive

Tablets are far more productive than smartphones. The bigger screen and battery come in play. You might be wondering why you should buy a 7 inch tablet android 6 instead of buying a leading smartphone.

You can’t view a calendar or email window on the smartphone screen as you would on a tablet screen. Most smartphones have PIM applications, but the better specs and larger size of tablets give them an edge.

Great for Content Consumption

Tablets are productive and excellent for content consumption. They offer better user experience as compared to smartphones, again, because of their size. It’s better to buy 7 inch tablet android 6 instead of a leading smartphone as the screen quality and battery capacity has an edge.

While offering better user experience, tablets do manage to remain cheaper than both smartphones and laptops. Unlike some leading smartphones, most tablets are equipped with expandable MicroSD storage and a headphone jack.7 inch tablet android 6

Cheaper but Competitive to Laptops and Smartphones

It’s true, you can search the marketplace yourself. Take a tablet and pair it with a smartphone that has similar specifications. You will find the tablet costs half for almost similar specs. The same goes for laptops. Yes, the specs are not exactly the same, but in some cases, the performance is almost the same without the price.

With recent improvements, you can use a tablet as a fully-functional laptop if you pair a wireless keyboard with it. This is something you should keep in mind when searching for 7 inch tablet android 6.

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