laptops and computers

3 Easy ways to Remove the Virus without Using anti-virus software

A virus computer program can infect your used notebooks for saleThese files can decrease the speed of your computer. For this reason, to remove viruses from your computer see these easy ways.

Stop Virus-related Procedures

With this process, you can stop virus-related programs. Open a task manager with “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and tap on the processes tab. Check the procedures running in the window and choose unfamiliar programs.

laptops and computers

Disable Strange Procedures from Startup

It is an effective action to block strange virus or malware from taking over your computer. Open task manager or system configuration, open startup tab and scroll down. You have to choose all programs and disable them from the startup. In this way, you can disable any malware that starts working from the startup.

Turn On Firewall of Windows Defender

You can block viruses and malware by turning on a firewall of Windows defender. Open “control panel – windows defender firewall – turn on this firewall”. Check a box “turn on defender firewall” and tap “OK” to confirm.

Windows defender will help you to protect a computer from viruses and malware. Keep this program updated to avoid possible threats. Let this program run in the background to get protection against viruses and malware.

After removing viruses, you have to recover files from your computer. Check your devices and start a recovery procedure if anything is not available. Sometimes, viruses delete or hide your files. You can recover them with the use of data recovery software. EaseUS Data recovery wizard can scan your storage devices to find lost files because of virus removing and false operation. In this way, you can get your valuable data back!